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   Library Buyer Information for Uncle John's Band
Uncle John's Band - Book #6 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

  by Deborah Grabien

Dead Flowers Cover Dead Flowers -
Book #7 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

by Deborah Grabien

About the Author

ISBN-10: 0-9844362-9-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-9844362-9-3

Trade Paperback
pages: 290

Print Edition List Price:
price: $17.95 USD
price: £11.75 UK
price: $18.95 AUS

Imprint: Plus One Press Rights: World
Available: September 15, 2012

Distribution & Wholesale

Libraries wanting to purchase Dead Flowers should contact:

   Ingram Library Services.

For those libraries that do not purchase through Ingram, this title is available from:


You may also purchase Dead Flowers directly from Plus One Press by contacting our sales department:

Plus One Press
Sales Department
2885 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94118


Standard wholesale discounts apply.

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Publisher’s Cataloging in Publication Data

Grabien, Deborah.
  Dead flowers : book #7 of the jp kinkaid chronicles /
   Deborah Grabien.-1st. Plus One Press ed.
     p. cm.
  ISBN: 0-9844362-9-4
  ISBN: 978-0-9844362-9-3
 1. Rock Musicians-Fiction. 2. Musical Fiction. 3. Murder-Fiction.
  I. Title. II. Title: Dead Flowers
   PS3557.R1145 D43 2012

First Edition: September, 2012
Copyright ©2012 by Plus One Press
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