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Book of Days Cover Uncle John's Band -
Book #6 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

by Deborah Grabien

About the Author

ISBN-10: 0-9844362-8-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9844362-8-6

Trade Paperback
pages: 296
price: $17.95 USD
Rights: World
Available: April 1, 2012

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The conclusion of Blacklight's exhausting Book of Days tour finds guitarist JP Kinkaid recuperating at home in San Francisco. As JP's local band, the Fog City Geezers, plans gigs at Marin County's 707 Club, the club is put up for sale. Blacklight, seeing an opportunity to preserve a classic venue, acquires the majority stake.

But the minority ownership comes with strings attached. There are troubling questions about the source of the stake money. There's prickly, unpredictable promoter Norfolk Lind, whose son Curtis is romantically involved with Blacklight band baby Solange Hedley, now in cooking school in San Francisco. And Lind's partner, Esther Woodley, has some dark history of her own with JP's wife, Bree.

The Geezers celebrate the opening of the newly refurbished 707 with a private show. But when the club is destroyed by arson, Blacklight's new security chief, retired homicide cop Patrick Ormand, must dig deep into the local music scene's murky past to find the truth.

Praise for Uncle John's Band and the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

Grabien captures both the excitement and the incredible effort that goes into making a major music tour a success. Brilliant descriptions of making music.
– Publishers Weekly

Promising and entertaining-and fascinating for its look at life backstage."
– Richmond Times-Dispatch

The JP Kinkaid mysteries are a breath of fresh air in the mystery novel genre and a rockin' good read."
– Mark Karan, recording artist and lead guitarist for Bob Weir and Ratdog

Rock musicians are our royalty, and Grabien shows us how the onstage magic happens. Not just for mystery readers, this has appeal for boomers reflecting on their life stories.
– Library Journal

From the lush-life backdrops of megahuge rock dudes to the hard-scrabble lives of blues patriarchs who never got the paydays they earned so many times over, this is how rock REALLY rolls. Grabien's saved you the best seat in the house.
– Charles Shaar Murray, author of Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and Postwar Pop and The Hellhound Sample

From spirited discussions of blues-based rock to inspired moments of band camaraderie, this is definitely a mystery that will also appeal to rock fans.
– Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist

JP’s perky narration and his love for Bree keep the pages turning.
– Publishers Weekly

A brilliant marriage of backstage skullduggery and suspense that draws you right in. Rock On, JP!
– Julian Dawson, recording artist and author of and on piano...Nicky Hopkins - The Extraordinary Life of Rock’s Greatest Session Man

It’s the rare music-inspired crime novel that nails both the passion of music and the deft characterization and tight plotting required by a solid mystery, but in the JP Kinkaid Chronicles, the author has managed something quite rare in the genre: She’s created rock musicians who are credible human beings and not randy, coke-snorting cartoons.
– Kevin Burton Smith, Mystery Scene Magazine

While illustrating the behind-the-scenes business of a rock band, Grabien offers a window into the life and health of a person with multiple sclerosis. Even better, the author shows the humanity, team work, and loyalty that keep a supermusical phenomenon together. For all mystery readers who love rock’n’roll.
– Library Journal (starred review)

A rollercoaster ride of sold-out concerts, drug rehab and enduring love.
– Publishers Weekly

A deft mystery nicely integrated with a fascinating backstage look at a rock star’s life.
– Kirkus Reviews

Here’s your all-access pass to a full-tilt, fun read!
– Kathi Kamen Goldmark, author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
and founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders

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