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  Rhapsody of Blood, Volume Two

by Roz Kaveney
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Resurrections Cover
The worst days of their lives...

Mara, immortal huntress of murderous gods, has told Aleister Crowley many stories. Now he persuades her to tell the stories she does not want to tell-of Josh and Judas, the charming clever boys she and her sister/lover Sof protected and taught in Alexandria, and of Hypatia, Sof's last incarnation before madness took her. Mara cannot save everyone and these are the tales of her worst failures...

Emma is in danger. Lucifer has carried her beloved Caroline off to Hell and Jehovah wants Emma dead and his servant. She and her mysterious employer Josette journey to Hell to rescue Caroline, but what they have to deal with there is beyond Emma's ready wit and Josette's powers of intrigue...

The third volume of Roz Kaveney's four-part novel of the fantastic, RHAPSODY OF BLOOD, RESURRECTIONS is her darkest and most daring book yet.

"RESURRECTIONS is sexy, blasphemous, wickedly funny and sharply observed-a tour de force in search of an auto da fe"
- Charles Stross

"Roz brings her background as a critic and poet to Epic Fantasy and there is a warm familiarity to be felt when you read it, the feel of every fantasy and strong heroine you ever loved surfing Big Ideas as they rise and crash like waves on the beach"
- Adi Tantimedh (Bleeding Cool)

"There is only one Roz Kaveney, although she is many things, and contains multitudes: editor, critic, activist, poet and novelist, all of them done brilliantly and in each field Roz is unique. I am thrilled and delighted that she is at last ready to unleash her elegant, historically subversive, witty, swashbuckling stories on an unsuspecting world"
- Neil Gaiman

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    Plus One Press
    November, 2013
    Trade Paperback
    ISBN-10: 0-9860085-9-1
    ISBN-13: 978-0-9860085-9-7
    5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 406 pages

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