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Book of Days
  Book #5 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

by Deborah Grabien
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Book of Days Cover The release of Blacklight’s double CD, Book of Days, looks like business as usual. The relaxed tour showcases a revolutionary new set design, as well as Bombardiers keyboard ace Tony Mancuso along as a guest. No one can predict what happens next: the CD goes multi-platinum, generating the need for a very different kind of tour.

At first, everything seems fine. It takes a while before guitarist JP Kinkaid realises something very dark is going on: a string of deaths, following Blacklight show nights.

Things come to a head when a longtime member of Blacklight’s extended touring family is killed. At the band’s request, Homicide detective Patrick Ormand investigates, but uncovering the reason behind the deaths may be a lot easier than healing the wounds those deaths have caused.

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Praise for Book of Days

Grabien’s fifth JP Kinkaid book captures both the excitement and the incredible effort that goes into making a major music tour a success. Brilliant descriptions of making music.
– Publishers Weekly

As well as weaving in further backstory on JP’s loving relationship with his wife and his ongoing battle with MS, Grabien treats music fans to a backstage look at an aging, wealthy rock band that has immense resources at its disposal. Another satisfying entry in a series that is as much about music as it is about mystery.
– Booklist

Praise for the Kinkaid Chronicles

Rock musicians are our royalty, and Grabien shows us how the onstage magic happens. Not just for mystery readers, this has appeal for boomers reflecting on their life stories.
– Library Journal

A breath of fresh air in the mystery novel genre, and a rockin’ good read.
– Mark Karan, recording artist and lead guitarist for Bob Weir and Ratdog

From spirited discussions of blues-based rock to inspired moments of band camaraderie, this is definitely a mystery that will also appeal to rock fans.
– Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist

JP’s perky narration and his love for Bree keep the pages turning.
– Publishers Weekly

A brilliant marriage of backstage skullduggery and suspense that draws you right in. Rock On, JP!
– Julian Dawson, recording artist and author of and on piano...Nicky Hopkins - The Extraordinary Life of Rock’s Greatest Session Man

It’s the rare music-inspired crime novel that nails both the passion of music and the deft characterization and tight plotting required by a solid mystery, but in her second JP Kinkaid Mystery, the author has managed something quite rare in the genre: She’s created rock musicians who are credible human beings and not randy, coke-snorting cartoons.
– Kevin Burton Smith, Mystery Scene Magazine

While illustrating the behind-the-scenes business of a rock band in this series opener, Grabien offers a window into the life and health of a person with multiple sclerosis. Even better, the author shows the humanity, team work, and loyalty that keep a supermusical phenomenon together. For all mystery readers who love rock’n’roll.
– Library Journal (starred review)

Grabien lets JP tell this story in the first person, and his voice is an engaging one. Rock and Roll Never Forgets is promising and entertaining—and fascinating for its look at life backstage.
– Richmond Times-Dispatch

A rollercoaster ride of sold-out concerts, drug rehab and enduring love.
– Publishers Weekly

A deft mystery nicely integrated with a fascinating backstage look at a rock star’s life.
– Kirkus Reviews

Here’s your all-access pass to a full-tilt, fun read!
– Kathi Kamen Goldmark, author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
and founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders

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