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  Book #4 of the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

by Deborah Grabien
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Graceland Cover When Blacklight guitarist JP Kinkaid is asked to introduce Delta session legend Farris “Bulldog” Moody as an Early Influences inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, he’s delighted. And when JP learns from young Cleveland music historian Ches Kobel that Bulldog is still alive and living in Southern Ohio, he jumps at the opportunity to meet his idol.

Ches, who’s working on a book about American blues players, brings JP and Bulldog together. The elderly black musician and the rock superstar form a deep, immediate bond, and JP learns more about the man whose music so influenced him.

But when Ches is found dead outside the Hall of Fame, JP is sent his notes on the unfinished book. Those notes contain puzzling discrepancies in what Bulldog has told JP about himself and his history. As doubts rise about how—and why—Ches died, JP knows he needs to know the truth behind Bulldog’s life, and behind Ches Kobel’s death.

Reviews for Graceland

JP Kinkaid and his bandmates, friends and colleagues seem oddly familiar – but not from anybody else’s fiction. The rockers and bluesmen Deborah Grabien depicts are instantly recognisable because I’ve been dealing with characters exactly like them for my entire working life. From the lush-life backdrops of megahuge rock dudes to the hard-scrabble lives of blues patriarchs who never got the paydays they earned so many times over, this is how rock really rolls. Trust me on this – I was there too (and you know what they said? Some of it was TRUE!) So was Deborah Grabien. Read Graceland… She’s saved you the best seat in the house.”
– Charles Shaar Murray, author of Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix
and Postwar Pop and Boogie Man: The Adventures of
John Lee Hooker in the American Twentieth Century

Fans will welcome Grabien’s fourth mystery featuring British session guitarist JP Kinkaid… Grabien is particularly good on the early blues players and their continuing influence–and she handles Kinkaid’s multiple sclerosis with sensitivity and insight.
– Publisher's Weekly

A compelling story about truth and long-buried secrets, written as if JP were talking to you personally. Rock musicians are our royalty, and Grabien shows us how the onstage magic happens. Not just for mystery readers, this has appeal for boomers reflecting on their life stories.
– Library Journal

Praise for the Kinkaid Chronicles

Book 1 - Rock and Roll Never Forgets:

While illustrating the behind-the-scenes business of a rock band in this series opener, Grabien offers a window into the life and health of a person with multiple sclerosis. Even better, the author shows the humanity, team work, and loyalty that keep a supermusical phenomenon together. For all mystery readers who love rock’n’roll.
– Library Journal (starred review)

Grabien lets JP tell this story in the first person, and his voice is an engaging one. Rock and Roll Never Forgets is promising and entertaining—and fascinating for its look at life backstage.
– Richmond Times-Dispatch

A rollercoaster ride of sold-out concerts, drug rehab and enduring love.
– Publishers Weekly

A deft mystery nicely integrated with a fascinating backstage look at a rock star’s life.
– Kirkus Reviews

Here’s your all-access pass to a full-tilt, fun read!
– Kathi Kamen Goldmark, author of And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
and founder of the Rock Bottom Remainders

Book 2 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps:

From spirited discussions of blues-based rock to inspired moments of band camaraderie, this is definitely a mystery that will also appeal to rock fans.
– Joanne Wilkinson, Booklist

JP’s perky narration and his love for Bree keep the pages turning.
– Publishers Weekly

A brilliant marriage of backstage skullduggery and suspense that draws you right in. Rock On, JP!
– Julian Dawson, recording artist and author of the upcoming
and on piano... Nicky Hopkins - The Extraordinary Life
of Rock’s Greatest Session Man

It’s the rare music-inspired crime novel that nails both the passion of music and the deft characterization and tight plotting required by a solid mystery, but in her second JP Kinkaid Mystery, the author has managed something quite rare in the genre: She’s created rock musicians who are credible human beings and not randy, coke-snorting cartoons.
– Kevin Burton Smith, Mystery Scene Magazine

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