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Face the Music

by Greg Anton
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Face the Music Cover
San Francisco, 1975.

Woody, an artistically brilliant, socially inept street musician, is just getting by. Inspired by Stephanie, the love of his life, he writes an amazing song that could launch his musical career. Then an unexpected betrayal leaves him fighting for his relationship, his song and his future.

Hopelessly disorganized, armed only with his guitar and unique sense of humor, Woody tries to persevere against the inequities of the music business. Passion, desperation and intense idealism propel him head-on into the challenges of surviving as an uncompromising artist.

Face The Music is a story of love, self-discovery, and the spiritual power of music.

"Greg exposes the insularity of the pop-music business with stunning veracity…an insider's look at its highs, lows, and a whiff of the steaming guts, delivered with style and verve…not incidentally featuring an unforgettable leading lady. Good sh*t!"
- Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead lyricist

"Thoroughly captivating and enjoyable…generally, words are inadequate to express emotions that can be easily conveyed by a piece of music; but this book flows like a moody, mystical, musical composition"
- Barry "The Fish" Melton, (Country Joe and the Fish)

"A hard-rock and read, it's so heavy, it's light."
- Wavy Gravy; author, clown, ice cream flavor

"Greg's descriptions of situations that pertain to music, the music business (and people), land smartly on the pages of this entertaining, poignant novel. Lay back and enjoy the read, and maybe have a chuckle or two at how closely you can relate, as I did!"
- Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Muscle Shoals recording artist

"Face the Music resonated with me on many levels. Finding one's way as a street musician, being socially awkward in a "people" industry, creating art from life--this is my story. But Greg Anton has the chops as a writer and storyteller to make these themes universal so anyone can relate and can love this book as much as I did."
- Stanley Jordan, jazz guitarist

Special Bonus CD Included!

Face the Music is a rock and roll story about a musician and his compelling love song: Stephanie. Author Greg Anton, a renowned San Francisco musician himself, co-wrote the song along with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter and recorded it with some of his friends. A high-fidelity CD of the song is now included with every copy of Face the Music ordered directly from Plus One Press.*


Robert Hunter, lyrics / Greg Anton, music


Steve Kimock – guitar
Melvin Seals – organ
Tim Hockenberry – vocals
Robin Sylvester – bass
Greg Anton – drums, piano

* (this bonus only applies to copies of Face the Music purchased directly from this website. Copies purchased through other booksellers will not include the CD.)

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    December, 2014
    Trade Paperback
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    ISBN-13: 978-0-9860085-5-9
    5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 316 pages

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